Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big Times

This was originally suppose to be my morning sketch last week, but I soon got carried away and it turned into a mini-painting.  I wanted to test some new brushes I made in Photoshop, and also decided to test my skills with painting underwater scenery.  It was pretty challenging and I'm happy with my first attempt.

Life update: The last few weekends were filled with miscellaneous events.  Labor Day weekend was spent back in Seattle for PAX Prime where I worked behind the Double Fine booth, met lots of fans, and it reminded me how grateful I am to work at such a special company.  There's a level of respect and love people in the game community seem to have for them, probably due to the endearing content produced in their games and principles the company is built upon.  Last weekend, the ShrunkenHeadMan club hosted the Superhero Gallery auction in honor of its late faculty and club member Jules Jammal.  It was great seeing everyone come together in a mini-reunion and the gallery seemed to raise a generous amount of scholarship funds (don't know the exact figure).  You can see all the pieces still, including my 'Kick-Ass' piece (haha) HERE.  Also, a few weeks ago, I had an amazing opportunity to volunteer some time working with kids with disabilities through a local non-profit organization and teach them some basics of basketball.  It was very fulfilling and a nice change of pace to the constant work schedule.  I hope to participate again when I have more free time.

As for that project I'm working on in my spare time, I have a lot of concepts done.  However, I'm figuring out parts of the story, reworking certain elements, and may have to redesign one of the characters because it ended looking like one of the new Disney movie characters.  So, just a bit longer, I want to get it started soon, so that way I can stay committed.  Though I hope to also do some miscellaneous 2D animation on the side (of this side project), just for fun.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Split Attention

Here's another morning sketch, this time honoring those who contribute their time to our national forest and parks.  They are like real life power rangers, especially because most of them have pet bears.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Here's a quick morning sketch I did.  It was inspired by a segment in this Frontline episode

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Sorry for the lack of updates, but I am currently working on concepts for a new project I will committing the later half of this year towards and will hopefully keep up.  I'm really excited!  It will still take me a few weeks to finish up all the concepts.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pixel Month

I haven't posted for a while.  I got swamped with some small freelance projects and gallery pieces this pass month.  I'll post one for now, and then promise to update with some more later.

Kick-Ass (and Hit Girl) - Jules Jammal Superhero Gallery

All gallery submissions will be auctioned off to raise for a scholarship fund in honor of our fellow ShrunkenHeadMan comrade and faculty, Jules Jammal, who passed earlier this year.  All the pieces turned out amazing, and it was pleasing to see devotion of the Animation/Illustration club at SJSU to pay tribute to one of its members.

I'll update with details of the auction and gallery in the coming month.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Press Start

Here's another drawing of a familiar character I like to draw.  Some of you may recognize him from my very first Flash project I did in school.  He's a snow lizard that lives in the Arctic and must wear the appropriate attire since he's cold-blooded.  He uses his giant magnifying glass to melt and crush ice.

Oh yeah, and remember that piece I did of Koopa Kid a few months ago for the SHM charity?  Well, teh gallery is live and the auction begins soon!  Check it out HERE and participate!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Leaps and Layovers

It's finally done, I've been working on this piece for too long, in my spare time whenever I felt like it.  It's a follow-up to my old man walk cycle, this time creating all the rough animation in Flash and then cleaning and coloring the final frames using Photoshop (Extended)'s "Timeline" feature.  The original idea was simply a fox jumping around and I wanted to play around with trying to have a character change shape over the duration of the animation without it feeling too obvious.  Obviously, I just kept adding more to the original idea, but it was very fun to animate and further develop the Fl > Ps pipeline.  Now that I'm done, I can start my other ideas that have been sitting on the back-burner.