Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From Now On... It's Personal

And so commences another summer and end of grueling school semester. The word for this semester was "animation." My goodness, I have never jumped from animation to animation so much in one semester, animating for class, animating just for fun, it was a lot of hard work and long nights in the art building. I was actually quite disappointed that I hardly went out this semester to enjoy the sunlight. My only breaks were to take walks and occasionally sit in the grass. I am pasty... I was always sad whenever I realized it is not possible to animate outdoors. apart from missing the fresh air, this semester consisted of work on a special project, Green Ninja. The Green Ninja is an animated short (soon to make its public debut) to raise awareness of the green movement, saving our planet one frame at a time. I always thought it was a project of redemption for animators. We used so much paper just for this short, at least we used it for a just cause. The project was all on the side from my other school work and the final week of production was brutal meeting the deadline. The Green Ninja project prevented the progress of DCM, alternative animation that a couple of my peers and I tried to complete during the semester. We will attempt to revive it now that school is finished and Green Ninja is done. I'm already looking at two aniamtion projects during next semester in BFA... I'm scared and excited.

Anyways, 129B reel for this semester. I lost the file for the first test, that's why it isn't rendered. And yes I know I spelled environment wrong.

Green Ninja, the dreaded banana pan.

Fun scene for Green Ninja, crushing water bottles into a faucet filter.

Fun animation done in flash. This character reminds me of Zelda, it can totally be a game!

This summer I will be working on a stop motion short with Eunsoo. The short is going to be a hurdle but work for the love of the art. We don't really have any professional ambitions for the project, but I will strive to make it look good. But more so, the film is a secret but it is a fun little story that I think people will like when it's finished. I hope to see the sun from time to time this summer even though I'll be most likely indoors working on the stop-motion.

BFA next year!!!!!

Sketchbook and more soon!