Thursday, December 6, 2012

Big Sketchdate

While the lumber and jewels of the day carries you along, it's always important to keep up those observational and drawing skills!  I finally had a chance to scan some pages from my sketchbook.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Chilly Wet Autumn

Hey everyone, not sure who's there haha.  I've been meaning to update with some lots of sketchbook pages, but I no longer have easy access to a scanner.  But here's a recent digital sketch.

 I moved to Seattle for work!  The yellow California Sun is now rainy Washington weather.  It's really not that bad though, very light rain here and there... so far...  Work is great, getting to do animation as a career never felt so satisfying!

Also, thank you all for your support!  Couch & Potatoes won grand prize for the PAIFF Technicolor/Talenthouse competition!  Eunsoo and I were able to attend last week of September; it was wonderful!  The festival showed a good selection of films, met some very nice people, and also got to see my best friend :)  Overall, very successful show, Palo Alto!  Thank you thank you again!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Running the Line

Oh my, I don't even know where to begin... I feel as if there are a million things to update about since my last post!  Since then, it has been a mix of events and duties piled into the center of a hustle & bustle sandwich...  But I am feeling relaxed and in need of an update!

For starters, I graduated with my fellow SHM from SJSU's Animation/Illustration program, making it on the front cover of the Mercury News.

Eunsoo and I also finished our stop-motion project Couch & Potatoes, and so far it has won the ASFIA-SF Spring Show "Excellence in Humor" award!  Congrats to Tule Lake and Pod for their awards as well... oh yah, Tule Lake is done too!

Here's a trailer provided by director and comrade Michelle Ikemoto!

And I also made a brand new sketchbook (after finishing my other one of course... finally...), and like the others it was made completely from scratch!  Eunsoo and I had a ton of extra paper from making our last sketchbook.  This time, we didn't want a spiral bind and we found this pretty nifty website that provides very clear instructions on how to make a bound book.  It turned out to be quite simple and it comes out looking extremely legit! Check it out...

Making a book this way takes a bit longer than having it spiral bound, but going this route, it's gonna' be hard to go back.  I like not having to deal with the big wire coils in the middle of a spread, so much nicer to flow into the neighboring pages... And it's SO much easier to scan.

Monday, April 2, 2012

March Madness

I am in need of some recovery time, despite the week break March has been a rollercoaster month!  No need to explain details, but I am somewhat relieved it is April and I look forward to the final two months at SJSU.  Here's an update!

So these are the Big 3 as they are up-to-DATE! I've been receiving great critiques and feedback to help push these shots further and further, diving into the techniques and concepts that make animation SWEET!

Unfortunately, I had to move this last week and in the middle of production of Couch & Potatoes.  We are currently looking for a new place to finish shooting, but we are not seeing this as any kind of set-back, the film will be finished in due time!  Please keep rooting!

So long Studio 96

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sketch Creep

It has come to my attention the difficulty that comes when drawing children and parents. It is hard enough drawing children, one they never stop moving, two they always end up looking like freaky dwarfs on your paper, and three it feels down-right creepy. However, it's even worst when the parents are there too because it basically amplifies the "creep" factor on your part. Either you have to draw them from a million miles away and at that point you can really only make out their basic shape, or you have to draw their back so they won't see you.

These series of drawings were to depict a short story of parents and children interacting.  I will say that on average, parents usually sit or stand in one place while the children run around.

And here is a lonely figure drawing.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Still Shot Surgery

The stop motion project continues forward.  This break was intensively productive!  We are about ready to wrap up animation in a couple weeks.  It is again getting challenging because of school and this semester, recruiters!  Just wanted to update everyone with a story while we anticipate the film's completion!

Recently, our puppets underwent an intense surgery to recover from over-usage by yours turely.  This required their clothing to be removed to repair the damage underneath where the sun don't shine!  If you are under the age of 18 years, please leave this page now!

 AAAAAAA!!!!  Yah she is naked, but even worst she cracked!

 We also had to remove the giant screws placed in their backs that kept them planted to the couch.

This was for a specific reason and for the best.

Here is another look at the workstation, the Batcave!  What's that?  Oh yes, our puppets stand now!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!

Yet another of the many hurdles to overcome in stop-motion.  Please keep rooting for us!  Your support means everything!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Waiting For Time to Stop

This is the aftermath of overworking my employees today...

This is where the magic happens, we like to call it the bat cave.

I shall remain pasty for the rest of the break. On average I am completing around one second of footage for every hour. With delays such as fractured limbs, it does hold the progress back but it is one of the many hurdles that we deal with on a daily basis. However big the delay, we still manage to get through and as soon as the adhesive dries, it's back to shooting. Oh, better charge the camera battery while I'm waiting, duh!