Monday, February 6, 2012

Still Shot Surgery

The stop motion project continues forward.  This break was intensively productive!  We are about ready to wrap up animation in a couple weeks.  It is again getting challenging because of school and this semester, recruiters!  Just wanted to update everyone with a story while we anticipate the film's completion!

Recently, our puppets underwent an intense surgery to recover from over-usage by yours turely.  This required their clothing to be removed to repair the damage underneath where the sun don't shine!  If you are under the age of 18 years, please leave this page now!

 AAAAAAA!!!!  Yah she is naked, but even worst she cracked!

 We also had to remove the giant screws placed in their backs that kept them planted to the couch.

This was for a specific reason and for the best.

Here is another look at the workstation, the Batcave!  What's that?  Oh yes, our puppets stand now!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!

Yet another of the many hurdles to overcome in stop-motion.  Please keep rooting for us!  Your support means everything!

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