Monday, October 15, 2012

Chilly Wet Autumn

Hey everyone, not sure who's there haha.  I've been meaning to update with some lots of sketchbook pages, but I no longer have easy access to a scanner.  But here's a recent digital sketch.

 I moved to Seattle for work!  The yellow California Sun is now rainy Washington weather.  It's really not that bad though, very light rain here and there... so far...  Work is great, getting to do animation as a career never felt so satisfying!

Also, thank you all for your support!  Couch & Potatoes won grand prize for the PAIFF Technicolor/Talenthouse competition!  Eunsoo and I were able to attend last week of September; it was wonderful!  The festival showed a good selection of films, met some very nice people, and also got to see my best friend :)  Overall, very successful show, Palo Alto!  Thank you thank you again!


  1. WoW i didn't know that you guys won grand prize dude!! Congrats!

  2. Thanks! Yah we were in Palo Alto a couple weeks ago.