Thursday, June 21, 2012

Running the Line

Oh my, I don't even know where to begin... I feel as if there are a million things to update about since my last post!  Since then, it has been a mix of events and duties piled into the center of a hustle & bustle sandwich...  But I am feeling relaxed and in need of an update!

For starters, I graduated with my fellow SHM from SJSU's Animation/Illustration program, making it on the front cover of the Mercury News.

Eunsoo and I also finished our stop-motion project Couch & Potatoes, and so far it has won the ASFIA-SF Spring Show "Excellence in Humor" award!  Congrats to Tule Lake and Pod for their awards as well... oh yah, Tule Lake is done too!

Here's a trailer provided by director and comrade Michelle Ikemoto!

And I also made a brand new sketchbook (after finishing my other one of course... finally...), and like the others it was made completely from scratch!  Eunsoo and I had a ton of extra paper from making our last sketchbook.  This time, we didn't want a spiral bind and we found this pretty nifty website that provides very clear instructions on how to make a bound book.  It turned out to be quite simple and it comes out looking extremely legit! Check it out...

Making a book this way takes a bit longer than having it spiral bound, but going this route, it's gonna' be hard to go back.  I like not having to deal with the big wire coils in the middle of a spread, so much nicer to flow into the neighboring pages... And it's SO much easier to scan.

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