Monday, April 2, 2012

March Madness

I am in need of some recovery time, despite the week break March has been a rollercoaster month!  No need to explain details, but I am somewhat relieved it is April and I look forward to the final two months at SJSU.  Here's an update!

So these are the Big 3 as they are up-to-DATE! I've been receiving great critiques and feedback to help push these shots further and further, diving into the techniques and concepts that make animation SWEET!

Unfortunately, I had to move this last week and in the middle of production of Couch & Potatoes.  We are currently looking for a new place to finish shooting, but we are not seeing this as any kind of set-back, the film will be finished in due time!  Please keep rooting!

So long Studio 96

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  1. i'm so surprised how well it looks in your finished animation!
    and three teardrops to studio 96,,,