Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Name is Chris Lam, and I ANIMATE

With my 3D animation reel completed, my finals are finished and now I can concentrate on other personal art projects. Also, with the insight of many theater screenings and wise words form the animators I met during the CTN Expo, I have decided to finalize my focus to animation, but that's not just to 3D. Next semester I will undergo a more personalized activity to amp the flow of my animation juices by jumping back into 2D animation! I will also be working with Professor Chai on a commercial for Cinequest this winter. As for the 129B class, it was a lot of heavy practice and I'm still working on my craft in the medium. I am understanding the program better and better (can't sit in front of that computer too long though) and I will need to focus much more attention next semester to 129B to get where I want to be for BFA! 2011-2012 BABE!

1 comment:

  1. I must say that animation is really a hard and quite time-consuming to do. How long did it take you to finish these? Anyway, I know that the time is irrelevant once you see the fruits of your labor. In your case, this amazing and wonderful animation.

    Francesca Slone