Sunday, December 26, 2010

Break It to Me

Free at last to indulge in art that is not for any particular school assignments, yet funny isn't it how we students still tend to treat our vacation creations as we do our school projects, or at least apply concepts and theories we've practiced in class. But more interestingly, we start to apply what we've learned almost unconsciously or by habit, like its the way we've been do things forever. This piece I gave to my parents for Christmas and I think it speaks for itself reflecting what I picked up this year. Happy New Years soon to be!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Name is Chris Lam, and I ANIMATE

With my 3D animation reel completed, my finals are finished and now I can concentrate on other personal art projects. Also, with the insight of many theater screenings and wise words form the animators I met during the CTN Expo, I have decided to finalize my focus to animation, but that's not just to 3D. Next semester I will undergo a more personalized activity to amp the flow of my animation juices by jumping back into 2D animation! I will also be working with Professor Chai on a commercial for Cinequest this winter. As for the 129B class, it was a lot of heavy practice and I'm still working on my craft in the medium. I am understanding the program better and better (can't sit in front of that computer too long though) and I will need to focus much more attention next semester to 129B to get where I want to be for BFA! 2011-2012 BABE!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On Time Off

Finals is upon the a/i students at San Jose. The art building is alive once again. Interestingly enough, I am somewhat on top of my work, giving more time to get enough sleep and even do a little sketching!