Monday, July 15, 2013

9th & Pine

So this pass weekend I finally did what I've been daydreaming about, and that was to simply create some chalk art on the streets of Seattle.

Why?  Well for two reasons: one, I wanted to try something a little different than just arting in my sketchbook or in photoshop, and two, for other folks to enjoy something random in their everyday routine.  I ordered a bunch of chalk from Eternityarts and it works very well on particular pavement, mainly the smooth pavement with as few large rock chunks.  The chalk itself come in think sticks and I only ordered a few dark tones which actually becomes a bit problematic when trying to add shadows or contrast.  I definitely need more practice with the medium, it is very similar to pastel (which I have little experience with too).  I'm glad I started with a small, simple piece, I definitely underestimated the time it takes, and I wonder now how much time it takes to do those large murals professionals create... I heard it takes hours, sometimes days.  What I enjoyed most about it was the freedom to utilize a large space, and people were extremely supportive of the idea!  I got a lot of questions to whether I was doing it for money, or if I was part of some promotion or festival, and I had a couple of people take pictures.  I tried to make it more inviting for passing folks by playing music through a portable speaker I ordered; a lot of dnace music to keep the spirits hyped!  I will definitely do more as long as it's sunny and I still have chalk left.  My goal is to eventually do a piece near Pike's Market by the end of summer.

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  1. Nice! You can use chalk pastels on sidewalks too, though since they are usually much softer, they'll go very fast. On the up side, they blend very well so you might be able to get a wider range of colors, even if you only have a few sticks.

    My college had a sidewalk arts festival every year in the nearby park. I don't really like working hunched over on the sidewalk though? (My back and posture is bad enough as it is!) But the results are always nice so maybe it's worth it, haha. XD