Thursday, October 30, 2014

Inktober - Day 30

The eve of Halloween is upon us, let's get into the spirit!  Let's see what happens to this little tyke tomorrow...

Also, I'd like to give my impression of inktober a day early so that my last post tomorrow isn't too long.  Overall, it was a worthwhile experience to participate in and I'm glad it'll finally be over.  I've definitely become more confident with the medium and it really challenged me to take inspiration from the smallest things to generate new ideas.  Plus, an inked drawing looks so nice when it's done, something about the contrast of the black and white in inking makes every drawing look very appealing.  However, the problem with me and these daily projects is that there were many occasions when I felt pressed for time, and would often find myself at the eleventh hour scrambling to finish a piece to "turn in" for the night, and had absolutely no time to work on any other projects.  I thought I'd have more time on the weekends, but that notion actually turned out to be the complete opposite.  Maybe it was just this month or just bad time management, but seriously, at this point, I am dubbing this my first and last inktober, at least the full daily experience.  Perhaps next year I will do one a week or something smaller, but I'd encourage any aspiring and growing artist to try the full 31-day challenge at least once!  Everyone, have a great last day!

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