Friday, November 5, 2010

Paris, J'ai Encore Vous Vous Souvenez

I went to Paris with John Clapp the summer of 2009. Its been nearly a year and a half,but I still like to pretend I will wake up in my bed at the masion du canada. The month-long class changed my normal track of thinking forever. It's a trip I will never forget!

Our group -John. It was a group I would never trade for another!

My Paris Sketchbook is a treasure. It was my first built and personlized sketchbook with a cover and an assortment of different kinds of pages. Experimentation and improvisation trumped technique and I felt free to personalize my art and not worry about the confines of being too technical, a crutch I developed from the beginning classes of the program.

My way of thinking was changed and so my way of drawing was changed. I came out of Paris with a new unique thouch to my drawings. Someone mentioned to me the other day, you've had this cool style since Paris, and I realized I've came to really respect my own art as well as appreciate everyone else's since that first day, seeing the Effiel Tower for the first time I knew the trip was going to be something to cherish.

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