Friday, November 5, 2010

"So... This is Skagway..."

New Sketchbook for the year:

Alaska wasn't that cold because I went during, the only practical time to go. The only way to get to Alaska is either by plane or by sea. My family took a cruise this summer to five different areas of Alaska (one being not Alaska, but Victoria, Canada). I think this is one destination that taking a cruise is a good idea. The towns of Alaska are so small that you can spend just a few hours at each city and still feel like you didn't really miss everything. However, the wilderness is inspiring. The air is 99.9% clean and if one looks up to the sky, it is not unlikely to see a couple of bald eagles!

This sketch was drawn during a dance hour where these two children were dancing to the entertainment of the audience. I showed the sketch to the parents of the little girl and they liked so much that they asked to buy it on the final day of the cruise. I literally ripped it out of my sketchbook since I had matted it down to a page, and gave it to them without charge... felt good!

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