Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fear Beer Bear Pages 5-6

"Pandas are strange bears. They're slow, clumsy, can't camouflage, are incredibly difficult to breed, and can only eat one type of scarce, malnourished plant. Pandas are just not equipped to survive in this competitive world and it is perplexing why everyone wants to preserve them. Let's face it, their time is up. The only thing pandas are good for is being cute."

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sketch Alternative

My sketches have slowly evolved since that year ago in Paris and I find that I now approach sketching towards graphical design elements and media experimentation versus just observational studies. I find it helpful to "just go with it" and to use already designed, colored paper.

Tell Me a Storey

Barron's class is absolutely AMAZING!!! I don't really know how to describe it, but Barron manages to say everything I've ever pondered about myself and my artwork in words aloud. His stories and process of working is down-right inspiring! He is the most lively character I've ever met and he really makes you think about illustration and application in ways I've never had before! His art assignments I feel are ones that everyone wants to do but just never initiates. I am half sad and half excited to be almost finished with his class this semester.

Photo of the set miniature for my character fantasy story; we lighted it in class with flash lights.

Collaborated piece with Eunsoo. She did the left half and I did the right. We combined our stories together to create the final character fantasy illustration.

Second Crack at the Walnut

Walnut being Maya Animation. Currently in Raquel's class and re-learning the media in a completely different process from when I took it with Primo a couple years ago. Now the class has become heavily involved with story and not as just an animation test. The process we've been going through is much slower and careful (maybe it seems that way because the class is only once a week) but I want to do it just as we are being instructed this time and not try to push any boundaries... yet. As of now we are just learning how to do transitions, that is, breaking up the timing of all the secondary actions to give a nice fluid motion and liveliness to the character. Here is a simple test we completed to practice. Everyone did the same test but achieved the result differently, giving a different story to each test depending on the action.

Friday, November 5, 2010

"So... This is Skagway..."

New Sketchbook for the year:

Alaska wasn't that cold because I went during, the only practical time to go. The only way to get to Alaska is either by plane or by sea. My family took a cruise this summer to five different areas of Alaska (one being not Alaska, but Victoria, Canada). I think this is one destination that taking a cruise is a good idea. The towns of Alaska are so small that you can spend just a few hours at each city and still feel like you didn't really miss everything. However, the wilderness is inspiring. The air is 99.9% clean and if one looks up to the sky, it is not unlikely to see a couple of bald eagles!

This sketch was drawn during a dance hour where these two children were dancing to the entertainment of the audience. I showed the sketch to the parents of the little girl and they liked so much that they asked to buy it on the final day of the cruise. I literally ripped it out of my sketchbook since I had matted it down to a page, and gave it to them without charge... felt good!

Vis Death: The Kill of All Time

I believe I got the least amount of sleep during Vis Dev. I felt very challenged in this class and I developed a new understanding of film making and production design, but the process challenged my frustration to the max! It was brutal, but I was really fascinated by the capacity of work I could punch out in such limited time and I was proud of the developments I came up with (in story). I don't think my level in technique is quite to the level of my comrades regarding illustrations, but I want to explore this realm more! So as a treat and ode to Courtney's class, I will share more work I did for the class and maybe you can see the deeper side beyond just what is in front of you!

Paris, J'ai Encore Vous Vous Souvenez

I went to Paris with John Clapp the summer of 2009. Its been nearly a year and a half,but I still like to pretend I will wake up in my bed at the masion du canada. The month-long class changed my normal track of thinking forever. It's a trip I will never forget!

Our group -John. It was a group I would never trade for another!

My Paris Sketchbook is a treasure. It was my first built and personlized sketchbook with a cover and an assortment of different kinds of pages. Experimentation and improvisation trumped technique and I felt free to personalize my art and not worry about the confines of being too technical, a crutch I developed from the beginning classes of the program.

My way of thinking was changed and so my way of drawing was changed. I came out of Paris with a new unique thouch to my drawings. Someone mentioned to me the other day, you've had this cool style since Paris, and I realized I've came to really respect my own art as well as appreciate everyone else's since that first day, seeing the Effiel Tower for the first time I knew the trip was going to be something to cherish.